Why Do We Need Zoos? A Place Were Animals Suffer In Their Unnatural Environment Or

Animal PlanetMore knowledgeable folks may have been instructed that mermaid myths come from ignorant sailors of the previous who have mistaken sea-cows for women with fish tails. Even though most mermaid sightings come from Europe the place there are no sea-cows.

He also writes about Elaine Morgan’s controversial ‘Aquatic Ape’ principle which places forward the idea that people developed from apes that grew to become amphibious and spent a whole lot of their time in the sea. This is why their bodies aren’t covered in hair as a result of it could make it more difficult for them to swim. Also it is identified that marine animals can shed tears. Because humans can is given as one other link with the sea and as proof of their evolution that was prompted by a marine setting.

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