Meow! Are you curious about why your pet cat loves to lick you? Here are 5 reasons

The existence of cats in our daily lives makes life feel less lonely. Their funny behavior, not infrequently makes us entertained and free for a moment from the fatigue of the busy life that is being undertaken. One of the most common gestures that the mpus makes is licking its owner, do you experience it often, girls? If so, do you already know the meaning of the licking?

1. Maybe he felt anxious

When feeling anxious, one of the things cats do is not stop licking themselves, the objects around them, and even their caregivers. If this happens, you should immediately find out the cause of the anxiety.

2. Maybe he wants to clean up

You know what, girls? Cats clean themselves by licking their bodies. Well, maybe he also wants to “clean” yourself from the dirt that sticks when licking your body parts. Cool?

3. Is there a favorite food accidentally stuck to your body?

The cat’s smell is very sensitive, you know. So, maybe he doesn’t stop licking you because something catches his eye. Spilled milk or leftover food that you ate this morning, maybe?

4. He wants to thank you

When the mpus licks you, it’s a sign that he feels safe around you. This lick can also mean that he wants to show his gratitude to you. Uwww…. So sweet.

5. Shows that you are part of the family

The behavior of licking each other is usually done by the mother cat to her kitten and vice versa. This is a sign that the cats love each other. It’s not impossible that this also applies to you.