Keep in check with your dog’s health using Home Health Screening kit and DNA Tests

Keep your dog healthy is the best way to ensure your dog will live for a long time with you and have happy times. Therefore, there is a good item to you who concerned about your pet’s health, especially on a monthly basis, that item called home health screening kits that contains simple urinalysis tests and also you can get inexpensive canine DNA tests.  Therefore, if you want to keep close eye on your dog’s health, you can buy these kits and DNA tests and analyze the result to spot signs of emerging health problems in your dog. Therefore, today I will provide you on how to use a home health screening kit for your dogs.

The first step is choose the right health screening kit and DNA test kit. There are so many variety of home health screening kits available in market right now. Make sure that you are choosing the right one to assess your dog’s general health, you might need to check online reviews and pick the one that has good reviews. Using DNA Test you will be able to diagnose your dog health and genetic health problem. Make sure to discuss the using of screening kit and DNA test with your veterinarian and discuss about the best product you should use to monitor your dog’s health.

The next step is completing a health screening kit. you will need to collect your dog’s urine for analyzing any potential health issue. Generally, your testing kit will come with gloves that can be used to collect your dog’s urine. However, you don’t need to use too much urine, all you need is a teaspoon of urine. Then, you will need to put the urine on the testing strip and check the result. For DNA tests, there is swab that can be used to take DNA test. All you need to do is put the swab on your dog’s mouth and then you can send the swab to laboratory and wait for the result.

The next step is consult with your veterinarian. After you got the result of health screening kit and DNA test, you should visit your veterinarian and discuss the results. Discuss about any problem that might happen to your dogs in the future and check variety of health issues on the result indicate. For example,  the pH level of the urine could indicate variety of health issues, and only veterinarian that capable to diagnose this. Make sure to ask everything about your dog, such as any breed genetic issue you should know and remember to help your dog.

Using the information you get from DNA test will allow you to watch for possible health problems as well as give you the personality traits of each dog so you can match your dog’s temperament. Generally, DNA test will give you the results within 2 to 3 weeks from the date you send it in. This way, you can ensure that your dog will be taken care of properly, and also ensure that they will have a great health as long as possible. So what are you waiting for!