Drop “Yankee Jungle”

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Ok, to begin with, I should say that the scientists on this documentary are all actors, a simple google search will reveal that the person performing as Paul Robertson, the Noaa Scientists that reveals the Governmental conspiracy, is present in several different Animal planet documentaries, by different names. So like something in life I took the data claimed in this documentary with a grain of salt.

I have come up with a more believable theory that mermaids were merely female breath-holding divers like the Ama and Heanyo divers that still dive at this time in Japan and Korea. I additionally clarify that probably divers like this, existed all around the world but were written out of history. So as we speak, all we have now is mermaid folk-lore from the frequent people, about these feminine breath-holding divers.

The journey is the destination for cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy in My Cat From Hell. With a profession spanning more than 20 years, the Cat Daddy has been on an unbelievable experience, taking him from the gates of heaven to the depths of hell and in all places in between. Along together with his traditional cat wizardry serving to hellish felines, Jackson goals to right cat conduct and enhance relationships between cats and their guardians with one purpose in thoughts – to stop pet guardians from giving up their pets and contributing to already overcrowded shelters.

Millions of dogs stay in shelters in the U.S. waiting for their eternally properties. Tens of thousands and thousands of people within the U.S. reside with physical, psychological or neurological disabilities. In Animal Planet’s new sequence, previously announced Rescue Dog To Super Dog (working title), shelter canines are given a second chance to turn out to be a companion to somebody in want. Dog trainers Nate Schoemer and Laura London work hand in paw to train dogs to enhance the lives of the people they serve, proving that people may rescue dogs, but canines rescue individuals, too.