Acts Of Cruelty And Indifference Of Human Beings Towards Animals

Animal PlanetDoes the Sasquatch really exist? Are the numerous images that supposedly present a large ape-like creature actual? Regardless in case you believe, there are studies all across the United States of sightings of this monstrous creature. It is believed to reside in the Pacific Northwest area of North America amongst different very wooded sometimes mountainous terrains. The Sasquatch is commonly described as being humanoid, yet apelike. He walks upright, yet his arms grasp down low like an ape. He’s hairy and climbs trees like an ape, but reveals great intelligence and stealth.

Exotic pets, like say, guns, should really be kept out of the arms of some folks. There should be a licensing program the place folks present they’ll care for a specific animal properly before being licensed to personal one. This is another state of affairs the place slightly little bit of frequent sense regulation can go a great distance.

If you have a look at a photograph of a dugong or manatee though, it is vitally hard to just accept this rationalization except the sailors were hallucinating at the time. These animals are very fats and have flippers in place of fingers and broad faces and mouths they use for grazing on seaweeds. They don’t look something like the gorgeous ladies with lengthy hair we see in traditional photos of mermaids.

He also writes about Elaine Morgan’s controversial ‘Aquatic Ape’ idea which puts forward the idea that people developed from apes that turned amphibious and spent a number of their time within the sea. This is why their our bodies usually are not coated in hair as a result of it could make it tougher for them to swim. Also it’s identified that marine animals can shed tears. Because humans can is given as one other hyperlink with the ocean and as evidence of their evolution that was prompted by a marine setting.

Extinct Or Alive¬†–¬†The search is on! From eyewitness accounts to the last identified pictures, Animal Planet audiences will observe wildlife biologist and adventurer Forrest Galante as he explores the corners of the world to prove whether species are actually extinct. Galante will explore long-held myths to find out the true stories behind these extinct creatures.