The Animalia Kingdom is one of 6 Kingdoms of organisms. The other 5 kingdoms are: Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea and Bacteria. Like the title suggests, the animalia kingdom is made up of animals!

I was trying to get to the nub of why God would let people and not animals into heaven. You stated God demanded issues of humans, that he didn’t of animals, suggesting that’s one cause why people (a few of them) get to heaven and animals don’t. Yet that may’t be a reason as a result of there are some people who cannot tell the difference between right and fallacious therefore God cannot demand things from them, so until such folks haven’t got souls (and I know you do not believe that) they nonetheless have as much probability of stepping into Heaven as anybody else.

Personally, I don’t consider in an afterlife for people or any other … Read more