Farmer Digging In Orchard Stumbles Upon An Ancient Mosaic Of Animals

In some ways, digging down through layers of earth is a bit like traveling back in time — revealing secrets of the past which often can shape our understanding of the present.

And at the center of one recent archaeological discovery is an apparent homage to animals.

Last week, the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Archeology announced the discovery of a buried cultural treasure beneath a farm in Gaza — a colorful mosaic believed to date back to the Byzantine Era in the 5th to 7th century.

The discovery was made while farmer Sulaiman Al-Nabahin and his family dug in their orchard.

The Ministry of Tourism and Archeology says that the culture significance of the site is still being studied. But the artwork, crafted in exquisite detail, suggests an appreciation or perhaps a reverence for the animals depicted there.

A variety of birds, rabbits and canines are among the animal

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250 Animals Stuck As Shelter Floods

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Counting Neurons To Determine Moral Standing of People Versus Animals

Does comparing the total number of human neurons vs. the total number of neurons among all domesticated animals affect the moral balance between animals and people? Oxford philosopher and Effective Altruism co-founder William MacAskill engages in such neuron counting as he grapples with the issue of the moral standing of animals compared to people in his new book What We Owe The Future. I was unable to include an investigation into his ruminations on this topic in my forthcoming review of his book in Reason‘s December 2022 issue, so let’s take a look here.

First, just how many animals are we talking about? According to MacAskill’s count, people slaughter and eat 79 billion vertebrate land animals annually. The amount of biomass in land-based farm animals is 70 percent greater than that amassed in all humans. And domesticated food animals outnumber us substantially. At any one time, some 25

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Animal Adaptation Science Tasks For Third Grade

Animal WebsitesAny pet owner knows you’ll be able to go to many different pet websites for enjoyable and data. The collaboration with AstraZeneca will apply the Institute’s advances within the development and validation of human organs-on-chips to develop new animal versions. These animal organs-on-chips will be tested alongside the human models to further perceive the extent to which drug security ends in animals can predict how an investigational drug would possibly impression people. The testing of a possible new drugs on animals is a small but vital step in bringing this medicine to market. Regulators require security knowledge from animal studies earlier than giving the required approval to test a brand new medicine in humans. However, animal tests do not all the time precisely predict what’s going to occur in humans.

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Austin Animal Center restricts animal intake due to overcapacity

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Facing overcapacity issues at the Austin Animal Center, the shelter will temporarily restrict intake to emergencies only, the shelter announced Monday.

The shelter is at 148% capacity for dogs and 137% capacity for cats, a spokesperson said.

“AAC has made multiple efforts to avoid restricting intake and to promote adoptions, but we
continue to take in more animals than we adopt out,” Chief Animal Services Officer Don Bland wrote in a memo to Austin City Council.

The intake pause will start Tuesday. The shelter said it will accept animals on a case-by-case basis and for emergencies, including injured animals or animals that present a public safety risk. The shelter said it has stopped intakes three times before: in 2020 due to the pandemic and twice in 2016 for capacity issues.

The shelter said it will resume intakes when all animals can be placed in regular kennels instead

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