Medical Glue to the Rescue: Correcting Abnormal Blood Vessels

colorized CT angiogram

An important part of AMC’s mission is creating new medical knowledge. Our veterinarians advance the care and treatment of companion animals by conducting innovative clinical research and publishing their results in veterinary journals. This blogpost highlights research by AMC’s Interventional Radiology Service and Surgery Department.

In prior blogposts about research publications from AMC clinicians, I highlighted one of our most common surgical procedures: the repair of torn cruciate ligaments. Another research-focused blogpost highlighted AMC’s Emergency Room Fast Track service and how it has inspired Fast Track services in other veterinary hospitals throughout the country. Today’s blogpost reports on an uncommon condition, arteriovenous anomalies, with a creative correction.

Normal Arteries and Veins

To understand an arteriovenous anomaly, you need to understand the normal blood vessel anatomy in dogs and cats. Arteries are under high pressure as they speed blood away from the heart, and veins are under lower pressure as they

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Bringing Hope to Future Scientists!

Bringing Hope to Future Scientists! – Animal Aid

Posted on the 24th October 2022

Our first ever Future of Science student conference was a complete success!

We received great feedback from students, teachers and speakers alike!

Around a hundred A-level science students from five different schools joined us in Warrington, where they heard from a range of speakers with a variety of different science backgrounds. They were given a tour of the wonderful XCellR8’s vegan laboratory and a talk about the animal-free safety testing which takes place there!   

We’re keen to give young people the chance to learn about the many human-relevant replacements for outdated animal tests – and to give them confidence that a career in science does not need to feature animal experiments. You can take a look at this short video which captures the day!

What the

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Bonfire Night – Songs to Soothe from Classic FM

Bonfire Night – Songs to Soothe from Classic FM – Animal Aid

Posted on the 26th October 2022

This Bonfire Night, please spare a thought for the animals and birds who may be terrified by the deafening crashes and blinding flashes.

You can minimise the impact by keeping cats and dogs indoors from the afternoon onwards and bringing rabbits and guinea pigs inside as well (or at least covering their home with a thick blanket to muffle the noise). Also, if you are having a bonfire, please check that hedgehogs and other wild animals have not made a home in your bonfire before you light it.

You will also be pleased to hear that Classic FM’s Pet Classics airs from 5pm to 9pm on Friday 4 November and Saturday 5 November 2022.

The shows will feature

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Vegan Christmas options in UK supermarkets

Vegan Christmas options in UK supermarkets – Animal Aid

Posted on the 23rd November 2022

Let’s take a look at what the supermarkets have on offer for vegans this year.

Asda has some exciting options this year, with starters, mains and desserts covered. For starters, why not try the Breaded Vegan Brie? And for mains, you have the option of the Plant Based Vegan Turkey Crown, which comes with umami stock. To finish off, Asda have also released a hand-moulded Extra Special Vegan Chocolate Bauble; a dairy-free Belgian chocolate ball, filled with chocolate mousse, cookie crumble and an oozy caramel sauce.





Tesco is great for vegan options in general, and this Christmas they have a wide range of offerings. Their Wicked Kitchen range is stacked with delicious festive options, with mains like the Maple & Bourbon No-Gammon

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6 Summer season Security Suggestions For Dog Homeowners With Gun Shy Canines

Pet FinderI have to admit I, like every other American, have been inclined to watch Jon and Kate a couple of times. A beacon of green gentle will signal Private pets location. Does you cat show a choice to one human or one other? Our older female cat we rescued was very affectionate with my husband, however wary of me for months. She nonetheless prefers that he pet her. Luckily there is an effective and humane alternative. Trapping, neutering and returning of feral cats to their original habitats has confirmed to be very efficient in lowering feral cat populations. Pals of Madera Animal Shelter (FMAS) wish to make it easier to spay or neuter these cats.

Viper is able to make mates, and he will get alongside effectively with other dogs, cats and youngsters. He is vaccinated. We’re very excited to be going to Othello, WA to complete the Adams County … Read more