Drivers dodge animal carcasses, entrails after load spills near Queensbury outlets

QUEENSBURY — Drivers on Route 9 and shoppers at the Outlets at Lake George faced a gory scene Wednesday when a truck apparently spilled a trail of animal body parts and entrails on the road.

Videos posted online show the pavement ran red as drivers slowly rolled along to avoid getting the wet mess on their vehicles. It appeared to be the remains of horses and other farm animals.

One man posted a narrated video of the scene on Facebook. Click here to see the video but beware it is graphic.

“So this truck, apparently stopped short and all animal parts have fallen out of this truck all over the road five seconds from my house,” he narrates. “There’s a pig head, a horse head and a bunch of stuff all down the road.”

“Well, enjoy that Facebook.”

Another driver, who didn’t want to be identified, came upon the scene

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Ukraine’s tiger queen: Saving wild animals in a war zone

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As millions of people escaped war-torn Ukraine, one woman made it her mission to rescue the country’s abandoned pets and zoo animals.

Natalia Popova converted her equestrian ranch on the outskirts of Kyiv into a menagerie sheltering lions, tigers, bears, foxes, deer, dogs and more.

Since the invasion began in February, she’s rescued more than 300 animals.

“These animals were locked and left in cages as bombs fell all around. It’s very scary, but I can’t leave them there,” Popova said while stroking a caged tiger.

Natalia Popova converted her equestrian ranch on the outskirts of Kyiv into a menagerie sheltering lions, tigers, bears, foxes, deer, dogs and more.

Natalia Popova converted her equestrian ranch on the outskirts of Kyiv into a menagerie sheltering lions, tigers, bears, foxes, deer, dogs and more.
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The tiger is sick, only half the weight of a healthy

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Listen to the heartbeat of the blue whale, the world’s largest animal

The heart of the Etruscan shrew, one of the world’s smallest mammals, beats incredibly fast — up to 1,500 times per minuteor 25 times per second. The human heart, in comparison, is sluggish, beating only 60 to 100 times a minute.

Then there’s the heart of the blue whale, the largest animal ever to have lived. These marine giants can be longer than two school buses, and their hearts — which are roughly the size of a loveseat and weigh over 1,000 pounds — beat as few as two times per minute.

If you were to put an enormous stethoscope up to a blue whale’s chest underwater, it might sound something like this.

That clip was produced using real data that scientists collected a few years ago from a blue whale in Monterey Bay, California. The heart beat slowly when the animal dived, but when it came to the

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Giant Panda Bears

AnimalsJust about each man alive has at the very least a passing curiosity in penis measurement and in comparing the size and girth of his own member with that of other men; in some instances, it can be an absolute obsession, eclipsing more vital issues similar to penis skill and penis well being. Ready to search out out why it’s best to undertake a extra plant-based eating regimen? Listed below are 4 main reasons to contemplate consuming much less meat together with some simple ideas from registered dietitians on the way to get started at the moment. Tri-State Zoological Park in Cumberland has seen two tigers, a lion and a lemur die inside a 3-yr span. People for the Moral Therapy of Animals sued the zoo in 2017 after conducting undercover inspections.

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How a Spanish tourist spot became a global hub for live animal export | Live exports

It is 7am in the port of Cartagena, and the Jouri, a livestock carrier, is getting ready for loading. Dozens of trucks full of noisy cattle line up, waiting for their animals to be weighed before they are transferred to the vessel.

The tourists who visit its Roman ruins and nearby beaches might never guess that this region has quietly become one of the biggest players in the global trade of live animals.

The past month has seen a peak in exports, driven by demand for animals to slaughter for Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice, which took place in July this year, and is celebrated throughout the Muslim world.

A boom in exports from Spain over the past decade has seen it now establish itself as the largest exporter of cattle by sea in Europe, and second largest exporter of sheep after Romania.

More than three million farm

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365 dead, live animals dedicated from Decatur Co. property

DECATUR COUNTY — At approximately 11:47 am Wednesday, a deputy with Decatur County Deputies ordered repossession of a residence in the 4900 block of East County Road 280 North.

When the deputy arrived, he found multitudes of neglected animals, including several that were dying and/or deceased throughout the parameters of the property.

The deputy contacted the prosecutor’s officer and obtained a search warrant for the property.

During the search warrant, 318 live animals were reserved from the property alongside 24 dead animals and 23 that were euthanized on the scene.

A report from police states that the animals were malnourished and without food and little water available.

Images of the animals provided by the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office are below, be warned some of them are graphic in nature.

The deputies were assisted by Decatur County Deputies, Greensburg Fire Department, Decatur County

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The Verge Review of Animals: Bibi the hippo

This column is part of a series where Verge staff post highly subjective reviews of animals. Up until now, we’ve written about animals without telling you whether they suck or rule. We are now rectifying this oversight.

There’s nothing like a baby hippo to remind me there are still good things in this world, and we have Bibi the hippo to thank for a brand-new 60-pound social media stars.

Bibi, a hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo, gave birth to her latest little one this week. To commemorate her achievement, the zoo has gifted us with a Twitter feed filled with little ear wigs.

I don’t know about you, but I need these little snippets of joy.

Does it suck to wear a mask while writing in my office because I don’t want the latest COVID-19 surge to derail my summer plans? Yes. Does that mask make me even more prone

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How To Find Chicago Area Pet Shops

Pet StorePurebreds, you can find them in films, in forums, websites and even completely in dog exhibits. Petstores provide decent treats for rats. Kaytee makes ‘Wholesome Bits,’ crunchy deal with balls composed of seeds, nuts, millet, and oats. Kaytee, additionally, creats a line of ‘Wholesome Toppings’ in flavors resembling papaya, banana, and carrots, Yogurt treats such as Kaytee’s ‘Yogurt Dips’ and Nutriphase’s ‘Yogurt Drops’ could be fed to rats sparingly. For others, a family pet supplies a healing kind of presence. The therapeutic effects that Pets might have, on human beings who are battling sicknesses resembling epilepsy or even most cancers, are rather super. Delicate animals have commonly been used to have interaction with individuals are handicapped, to spice up their esteem considerably.

Water – Don’t plan on sticking any old bowl within the pen for chicks or ducklings. Child birds need clear water. Child birds additionally generally tend to soil … Read more

What is the most dangerous animal in the world? It’s a common threat.

  • Mosquitoes kill between 750,000 and 1 million humans every year.
  • There could be an estimated 110 trillion mosquitoes on Earth, 16,000 per human.
  • The Nile crocodile, found in sub-Saharan Africa, is the most aggressive animal in the world.

From alligators to hippos to pythons, Earth’s animals aren’t always the most peaceful, especially wild ones. says humans have identified over two million animal species; yet, there are an estimated five to 10 million speciesincluding those undiscovered, on the planet.

According to a study from Utah State University’s Department of Wildland Resources, “over 47,000 people annually in the United States sought medical attention after being attacked or bitten by wildlife.”

What’s the one animal that outranks all others in terms of danger, and what should you do if you come across it?

Most dangerous locations in the US:Which states have the highest rates of violent crime and

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The type and frequency of animals coming down with COVID is trying to tell us something about the future of the pandemic. Scientists are on the case

“Tiger in US zoo tests positive for coronavirus, becomes first animal to get COVID-19,” an April 2020 headlines proclaimed.


The story was referencing 4-year-old Malayan tiger, Nadia, who contracted COVID early in the pandemic, along with six other tigers at the Bronx Zoo—likely after being cared for by a presymptomatic zoo worker.

It was the first in what would become a steady stream of stories about animals who, like most of us, came down with COVID. Among the menagerie of animals who have, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Pets like cats, dogs, ferrets, and hamsters.
  • Zoo animals like lions, tigers, snow leopards, otters, hyenas, hippos, and manatees.
  • Mink who live on farms.
  • Wildlife, including scores of white-tailed and mule deer, a black-tailed marmoset, and a giant anteater.

COVID is infamously no exception to the “zoonotic” diseases that animals have transferred to humans, or

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