Drivers dodge animal carcasses, entrails after load spills near Queensbury outlets

QUEENSBURY — Drivers on Route 9 and shoppers at the Outlets at Lake George faced a gory scene Wednesday when a truck apparently spilled a trail of animal body parts and entrails on the road.

Videos posted online show the pavement ran red as drivers slowly rolled along to avoid getting the wet mess on their vehicles. It appeared to be the remains of horses and other farm animals.

One man posted a narrated video of the scene on Facebook. Click here to see the video but beware it is graphic.

“So this truck, apparently stopped short and all animal parts have fallen out of this truck all over the road five seconds from my house,” he narrates. “There’s a pig head, a horse head and a bunch of stuff all down the road.”

“Well, enjoy that Facebook.”

Another driver, who didn’t want to be identified, came upon the scene at about 8:30 pm She said it looked and smelled horrible.

“I resent that they didn’t close the road and we had to drive through that gore,” the woman said. “It was terrible. It was disgusting. By the time we got there, they bagged up the heads, but why are they letting us drive through that. That’s a biological hazard. … Why is that not a shut down. The blood was across all three lanes.”

She said she went to the car wash immediately afterward, but she believes blood splatter still coats her tires.

“My dog ​​is still sniffing around my car,” she said. “I have to pull my dog ​​away from my tires.”

One since-deleted video on Facebook showed a tractor-trailer stopped to the side of the road and a man fetching bags out of the road.

It was not immediately clear why the animal parts fell from the truck.

So far, law enforcement officials have not commented on the situation.