What is the most dangerous animal in the world? It’s a common threat.

  • Mosquitoes kill between 750,000 and 1 million humans every year.
  • There could be an estimated 110 trillion mosquitoes on Earth, 16,000 per human.
  • The Nile crocodile, found in sub-Saharan Africa, is the most aggressive animal in the world.

From alligators to hippos to pythons, Earth’s animals aren’t always the most peaceful, especially wild ones.

Ourworldindata.org says humans have identified over two million animal species; yet, there are an estimated five to 10 million speciesincluding those undiscovered, on the planet.

According to a study from Utah State University’s Department of Wildland Resources, “over 47,000 people annually in the United States sought medical attention after being attacked or bitten by wildlife.”

What’s the one animal that outranks all others in terms of danger, and what should you do if you come across it?

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