Animal PlanetThis zoo claims to be a sanctuary, but their animals stay in cramped enclosures with few alternatives for stimulation or enrichment. Worst of all, this place breeds for revenue under the guise of conservation, which a true sanctuary would NEVER do because it perpetuates the cycle of untamed animal abuse and neglect.

Another example of bizarre human behavior is that of Antoine Yates, the owner of the tiger Ming, who was discovered in Antoine’s Harlem condo. Antoine was not so lucky as Hawn and was convicted to a 6-month prison term for his non-compliance with the regulation. Hawn, despite his unethical selections, continues to promote his experience as ‘inspirational’ and is allowed to visit his ex-pet at its new house. This provides perception into the values of that facility.

The first known Mermaid story was recorded in one thousand BC when a goddess named Atargatis cherished a mortal Shepard however later unintentionally killed him. Feeling ashamed of what she had done, Atargatis apparently jumped into a lake to take the type of a fish but she was nonetheless stunning on the highest half and a fish on the bottom half, so she grew to become generally known as a Mermaid.

Atargatis (Lady goddess of the sea) was a goddess who makes the error, as all gods do in legend, of falling in love with a Sheppard. In a passionate second Atargatis mistakenly kills the sheppard and in pain and disgrace she dives into the ocean bowing never to the touch land again. However, as she was pregnant (Baby daddy being the sheppard) the kid got here out half human and half fish, which was what Atargatis herself had remodeled as. Of course there are lots of of legends of how she grew to become half human half fish, because there are all the time other tales!

For many activities, there is a diploma of hazard that the person doing the exercise accepts to stay the life of their choosing. The diploma of danger that captive exotics current to the public can be exaggerated. There are correct methods to house bigger exotics, and in my view, I prefer it to be ‘arms off’ after the animal matures.