Positron emission tomography (PET) is a nuclear imaging approach that creates detailed, computerized pictures of organs and tissues inside the physique.

My terrapin has swollen eyes and stopped consuming round 1-1.5 weeks in the past. We have introduced it to the vet (treats terrapins) and she stated that he has an infection and shell rot, and the infection may have gotten inside and hence the swollen eyes. She has given it an injection (anti-biotics and Vitamin A) and prescribed us some medication: eye drops, antiseptic wash and anti-fungal/anti-baterial utility.

You might want to make sure that it isn’t unwell around areas which can hurt in water, e.g. eye, pores and skin or shell an infection. Another clue is whether it’s consuming commonly. If all nonetheless seems okay, it might simply be it wants longer heating time on the rock. You can see the terrapins in public ponds basking on rocks for the longest time on the most well liked days.

Sorry for not responding sooner. Hope that your husband had the PET scan and all is properly and the most cancers is gone. If he responded the first time fifteen years ago to the chemotherapy then there must be no motive why he shouldn’t reply this time. In my case, each times the lumps or swelling disappeared after only two cycles. My response to the chemotherapy was similar although my remedy was 14 years apart. So, he should be positive.

Hi Lily, I managed to avoid the chemo but also had the tram flap and have just written a hub about it, and one other one known as When mammograms are wrong. I get what you say, I felt the identical and agree that no person really prepared me for what i experienced. I also obtained that itchy rash on my arm afterwards and beneath my armpit the place they removed the lymph nodes, they usually told me it was eczema.