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Turtle care may be troublesome but it surely depends upon pure luck. In my expertise, the more you worry, the extra they are vulnerable to dying. Some of them are diseased, so they will not survive it doesn’t matter what you do. My second attempt at keeping turtles as pets is profitable. The Indian shopkeeper suggested me to keep them in very less water with no land in any respect. A pair is more profitable in captivity. I feed them abnormal turtle food pellets solely. It’s is been a year. Changing water three to four instances a day helps.

These frogs will eat anything they can fit into their mouths. Mine like an assortment of things like dried crickets, blood worms (found within the frozen part at your native petstore), reside shrimp (used for fish), and tropical fish food flakes. They need quite a lot of foods to get one of the best vitamin. The only factor I have heard NOT to feed is gold fish. But common feeder fish is okay. Hope this helps. I have spent hours researching the care that must be given to our frogs.

I actually have had my frogs for about 5 months now…I simply heard them singing. It was lovely. I dig up worms each other day and in between I feed them frog pettets. I have loved them vastly. They are odd little creatures and visitors are amazed. I actually have had NO problems. The pump I use is powerful and does not seem to trouble them. They mate rather a lot however nothing has hatched…thank goodness. Two is lots.

Since 1950, Andy’s Pet Shop has been a San Jose landmark. Since December 2007, Andy’s Pet Shop has been a special form of landmark; the world’s first pet shop with 100% rescued pets of all kinds. Everything from Abyssinian Guinea Pigs to Zebra Danio fish; Amazon Parrots to Yorkshire Terrier canine; all reptiles, small mammals, birds, cats, and dogs have come from shelters or non-revenue rescue groups. Thousands of homeless pets have discovered a new life via the Pet Adoption Center at Andy’s.