As an unique pet owner by and thru, I am coming ahead to reply this query; a question that’s often rhetorical and disdainfully thrown without any anticipation of a real response. To many, I am justifying my self-inflicted madness and selfishness. I am massaging my ego in desiring to own an exotic animal all whereas main my pet down an infinite highway of insufferable suffering in captivity. My pets are primarily prisoners. They are furred humans with 4 legs that dream incessantly about romping free in the wild paradise that they were ‘meant’ to be in.

Leigh Anne is correct. It’s a disgrace that your need for a cute, unique exotic trumps the numerous reasons that these animals should be given the respect to be left wild. I’m sorry her response to you wan’t unique- the dearth of originality may should do with the basis in actual fact. Sometimes once you hold listening to one thing it’s as a result of YOU NEED TO LISTEN.

We thought our pet skunk should have been a farm skunk, because she didn’t suck eggs. She did not seem to know eggs were even edible. Once we gave her an egg as a birthday current, and she or he simply sniffed at it. We poked a hole in the end to give her ideas, and he or she still ignored it. We finally cracked it open and put her nose in it, but she never did eat it.

Your unique cats are destroying (what’s left of) the ecosystem, from Florida to Alaska, from Virginia to California to even Hawaii, and no one offers a damn. It’s pathetic, numerous cat homeowners can’t even KEEP THEIR PETS INSIDE. And you are whining about unique pythons? Why? Because you are a bigot and you resolve to see destruction when its a species you do not want to see being stored. Speaking of emotion, I’ve shed tears whereas making an attempt to save the victims of callous cat house owners.

Our two cats are completely awesome. One is a component bobcat, the opposite part Margay (and something like half Siamese). Gato (what else) acquired out of the house (they’re indoor cats only) on July 30, figured he was useless and eaten in this wilderness desert the common boar javelina has a tricky time surviving…however he showed back up 3 weeks and half a day later, thin however not a scratch on him. Beyond that, not a tick, flea, or even an ear mite.