National Polar Bear Day

Animal PlanetAs one of the many animals currently classed as endangered (living predominantly in Africa) the Cheetah is thought to be the quickest land animal presently dwelling on our planet. With speeds of as much as a hundred and twenty km/h (75 mph) and a zero- 100km/h acceleration normally of around 5- 10 seconds there’s actually some validity to the claims stating it to be the quickest land animal on the planet. If we consider it purely in acceleration terms, the Cheetah might be said to have a sooner acceleration than some cars. However, as a result of quantity of energy that it takes to achieve speeds this quick, the Cheetah can solely preserve a dash for a most of around 500 metres. This works to the advantage of the a lot slower prey of the Cheetah for it would tire out in a short time when looking.

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