Current Glitches (6)

Animal JamAlso Unknown95 is my wiki username not my AJ name. My aj username isn’t even close to that. And why the phantom menace? I don’t even like star wars. If you want to insult me at least use a reference that I like.

Earning diamonds might be one of the tough issues to do on this game. When you start out within the recreation, you get a set number of diamonds (and gems) based in your sort of membership. A 3 month membership will get you 1,500 gems and 10 diamonds, a 6 month membership gets you 9000 gems and 25 diamonds and a 12 months long membership as an alternative will get you 25,000 gems and 60 easiest technique to get quite a lot of diamonds and gems,due to this fact is to buy the longest membership you (or your mother and father) can afford.

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