PET Scans And CAT Scans And No Carbs, OH MY! (6)

The simple answer to your query is that you simply obtained little or no radiation publicity from this example and there is little cause for concern. In addition to the time you spent round your mom after the radioactive materials was administered to her (45 minutes), the publicity you’ll receive could be dependent upon how much radioactivity was administered and how close you had been to your mom through the forty five minutes before and through the scan and the way lengthy it took to perform the scan. Without these particulars, I cannot present the precise radiation exposure you obtained, however we can make some assumptions to give you a reasonable estimate.

There is exposure to ionization radiation in a PET scan. Pregnant or breastfeeding girls mustn’t get this scan achieved. Some mild allergic reaction might occur in some folks due to the radioactive substance used. Sometimes abnormal blood sugar … Read more