Ocean Animals (Animal Planet Animal Bites)

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Hi Stacie, Interesting hub! Years ago the cat next door used to return in our cat flap and take all our hair brushes, which our embarrassed neighbour then needed to return! Why only hair brushes I do not know? My Mum’s cat when she was on warmth used to herald things she had gotten out of bins, like half eaten pork chops, and stash them under the eating room table. She would guard them like her kittens and hiss and scratch in the event you tried to get them away, after which when she went out of warmth, she would just lose curiosity and go away a stinky, mess behind her!

Other stories say that the Mermaids squeeze the life out of men while making an attempt to save lots of them from drowning. Some individuals consider they take members of the crew underwater not realising they cant breath underwater while others say they drown the boys out of spite. Wet fur shouldn’t be a great insulator in water, so evolution would favour fatter apes with much less hair. This is because, fat or blubber is utilized by many marine mammals, like seals, dolphins and whales, to maintain warm within the water. The model that I saw does not even do viewers the courtesy of admitting that it is faux until the credit are about to roll.

Dr Paul Robertson, the Biologist within the documentaries was actually an Actor and the footage shown was also fake. To be honest there was a message displayed on the finish of the show which informed viewers that the programme was primarily based on scientific idea. Although most would have tuned out before they noticed the disclaimer or just missed it altogether.

The common American has only a 1 in 3,800,000 likelihood of being killed by a shark. You’re more likely to be killed by a lawnmower or a vending machine, and extra likely to be bitten by a stranger on the subway. Like all predators, sharks help keep the ocean in steadiness by consuming the sick, the weak, and the dying. However, sharks are suffering from overfishing greater than most marine species, with 1 in 6 species of shark, skate, or ray (and 1 in three species of open ocean shark) considered Threatened with Extinction” by the IUCN Red List.