Banning “Exotic” Pets Is Senseless

Exotic PetsWhen it involves well being, your unique pet isn’t any totally different than every other member of the family. The caring workers of Cheat Lake Animal Hospital is waiting to supply no matter level of care your pet needs – from wellness examination and vaccinations to superior medication and surgical procedure. Call right now to schedule an appointment!

I went there a year ago to purchase 2 river turtles. I even have had them for a 12 months and they have been nothing but nice. I would additionally like to state that among the info they informed me about the turtles was unsuitable. Nothing major just minor issues. But general I would give them 5 stars. Great customer service & a wide range of exotic animals to choose from.

For the animals on this record, all should have minimum cage requirements, annual inspections, and the proprietor should have direct expertise with the species being requested or related species (degrees within the animal sciences aren’t so essential, except they contain direct animal care tasks). Consider the lifespan of the animal. Spotted genets can live 30+ years in captivity, that’s a long time with a flighty carnivore.

For instance, penguins aren’t privately owned nor would I ever recommend them. All endangered or protected animals that fall on this checklist should be subject to acceptable regulations, and all animals decided to have severe invasive tendencies must be regulated by state. Also this ought to be obvious, but apparently I even have to point out that similar to with horses, not all animals belong indoors or in small backyards.

I actually love this place! I inherited my sisters ball python for my classroom and actually knew nothing about snakes. They have helped me SO much!! I did not even get the snake from them, but they are always prepared to reply my questions. I get feeder rats from them and have never ever had a problem. People discuss mites but I’ve by no means had any and I’ve been shopping for from them weekly for months!