Kinkajou (4)

We have repeated it thrice over the seven years for 2 reasons. First, children get different things out of it as they develop up and are higher capable of perceive the digestion. And secondly it’s fun to make poop.

In this experiment, two groups of young pigs had been randomly assigned to housing in both an enriched or barren surroundings. The barren setting was fairly typical for factory farming and met the minimal requirements for intensive pig housing in keeping with EC directives. The pigs had 1.2m2 space every, the pens had a partially slatted concrete ground and there was a wooden log to play with. Pigs in the enriched environment were kept on a stable concrete flooring (1.9m2 area per pig) coated with fresh straw and had steel chains and logs, sticks and cardboard boxes to play with.

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