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Exotic PetsHarris Boulevard Veterinary Clinic is glad to supply care for a variety of pocket pets and exotics. We provide preventive care, surgery, dietary advice, and general care recommendations to your small pets. Each species of unique pet has its personal specific needs for housing, eating regimen, and care.

Owners can seal a reference to these marsupials early on by carrying them in a makeshift pouch sling of their early adolescence. After this criterion is met, wallabies thrive in home settings. Outside of ideologies, no valid reason exists to ban these animals as pets. Dog ownership helps unfold disease among the many public. Dogs can carry and transmit to humans: brucellosis, campylobacteriosis, cryptosporidosis, giardia, MRSA, lyme illness, rabies, ringworm, salmonellosis, toxocariasis, and others.

Omg, i really like sloths, they’re thee cutest issues ever, and sure, i did see quite a couple of videos on youtube on Anteaters, very unusual but cute, … Read more

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Exotic PetsAs pet-preserving continues to grow in recognition, unique pet-retaining does as nicely. Many individuals are surprised to study in regards to the nice range of species that we now have on this planet, and this variety extends to the animals we maintain in our houses.

I simply moved to an island in Bocas del Toro, Panama (Central America) and my fiancĂ© and I are keen on maybe reintroducing the anteater to this space, as there is a HUGE termite and ant drawback here (probem for us~ Heaven for the anteater). Perfect anteater nation, and no jaguars round! I simply don’t know where to get them. Would you thoughts writing me at jess.therapeutic massage@ to tell me where you bought yours from (in South America)? I would respect some other input you may have on the matter as effectively.

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Why Choose An Exotic Pet, Anyway? (10)

Wolf, a wild animal has the power and wonder equal to an instinctive predator. People right now are selecting to domesticate this wild beast and are maintaining these animals as pets. But, sadly, most people carry them dwelling to display energy and feed their so-referred to as ‘macho’ personality! Most wolves find yourself being chained for life or are given up to another owner, who once more treats him no higher than the previous owner. Many undertake these stunning creatures to breed more cubs, that can be given up as pets. There are a very few lucky ones who are taken into homes who treat them with care, affection and love. Few people understand the fundamental needs of a wolf and permit him to grow in a wholesome surrounding.

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