Animal Planet’s Fake Documentaries Misrepresent Ocean Life.

Animal PlanetIt reeled within the community’s biggest viewers in its 17-12 months historical past and triggered an immediate Twitter frenzy that is still trending right this moment.

Ok, to begin with, I should say that the scientists in this documentary are all actors, a easy google search will reveal that the person performing as Paul Robertson, the Noaa Scientists that reveals the Governmental conspiracy, is present in several other Animal planet documentaries, by other names. So like anything in life I took the data claimed on this documentary with a grain of salt.

I have come up with a extra plausible concept that mermaids have been simply female breath-holding divers just like the Ama and Heanyo divers that still dive immediately in Japan and Korea. I additionally explain that probably divers like this, existed all over the world however were written out of historical past. So at the moment, all now … Read more

Animal Planet’s Fake Documentaries Misrepresent Ocean Life. (2)

Animal PlanetDuring the late 2000s, Genius Products announced a U.S. distribution agreement involving Animal Planet and TLC Jakks Pacific additionally entered right into a licensing agreement to develop Animal Planet-branded pet merchandise.

In my guide and blog,(see under) and my video, Mermaids Are Real. I actually have explained that I consider that mermaids are feminine divers like the ama and haenyo of Japan and Korea. And like within the Aquatic Ape Theory these divers forage for marine meals like shellfish and seaweed in the sea. So these divers are following a lifestyle that probably goes again hundreds of thousands of years.

Attitudes like yours are the explanation you won’t have the ability to get a brand new kinkajou once your current one dies of previous age Jess M. I have no want to get a tiger and was even nervous concerning the thought of getting a kinkajou being that it’s as … Read more

Animal Planet’s Fake Documentaries Misrepresent Ocean Life. (4)

Sunday’s documentary” Mermaids: The New Evidence delivered three.6 million viewers, shattering the network’s rankings file. Yup, even greater than the Puppy Bowl. The program is not solely a hoax, however a sequel to a hoax – to last 12 months’s fairly effortlessly debunked Mermaids: The Body Found, which fooled more viewers than you’d assume.

Acute toxicity testing. Forcing animals to ingest or inhale toxic substances until they become sick and die (the LD 50 toxicity check), or until they display certain symptoms of stress or sickness. During these checks, animals will usually endure excruciating ache, convulsions, loss of motor operate, and/or uncontrollable seizures. The animals are killed at the end of the test in order that a necropsy could be carried out to determine inside harm.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was excellent on the one-liner, and at summing up life truths with deceptively easy phrases. This collection draws from The Little … Read more