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As a lifelong proprietor of pet rats, it surprises me how many individuals still see rats as sewer-dwelling, diseased carriers of the bubonic plague. Quite the opposite, rats are clear, social animals that not often chunk. Because they’re so incredibly good, they’re easily skilled to make use of use a littler field, do tips, and even come while you name. The smartest of my private pet rats aren’t even caged. They waltz round with the cat and the canine, watching TV on the couch, and becoming a member of the family for spaghetti dinners served on her own little saucer. Rats are candy, loving critters with individual personalities.

Onions, garlic, and other members of the onion household (corresponding to leeks and inexperienced onions) are poisonous to canines due to the sulfur they contain. Even in small amounts, this sulfer reacts with the cell membranes of a dog or cat’s crimson blood cells (RBCs) and causes them to burst. We all need RBCs because they deliver oxygen to our organs; much less functioning RBCs can result in anemia and cause major issues.

About a month into his life with us, my husband went all the way down to the laundry room and saw that Whiskers had left us a gift on the carpet. Well, instantly Whiskers went from beloved companion to canine curse in my husband’s eyes. When the kids and I went out later that day, he took Whiskers and dumped him off on the aspect of a country road about 4 miles from our home. When I came again house and he instructed me what he’d completed, I was too mad to talk. The kids and I refused to speak to him and were very upset.

Do not mix males and females in a single cage unless your prepared for dozens and dozens of cutie pies! Rats have massive litters and might reproduce at unbelievable charges. The little pink wigglers get fuzzy and cute in no time. In the first weeks after start, it may be tough to determine male from female. When separating, look closely, as any oversight can have you working your personal pet retailer!

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