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Sometimes, the best way to debunk a narrative is to read it. Case in point: The story in regards to the discovery of historical pyramids in Antarctica. Recently, this story of intrepid explorers discovering a sequence of man-made constructions on a continent that has been too harsh to assist sustainable human life for tens of millions of years went viral over the Internet.

yes is the ark now you consider in god? No i donut i want extra proof. This will at all times occur you donut wish to imagine event if you happen to see god hem self. folks donut want to consider in god for a lot of reasons but i say to you do not wait in till you are lifeless to understand is to late for you. god is extra actual than you think. we are not perfect but we will do higher god bless the world and you AMEN.

There are quite a number of pointers that show these amazing relics are of original Christian origin in comparison with Jewish writing. One of these is the fact that the finds are within the type of books and never scrolls. The way they have been made was typical of Christian methods handed on down the ages. Jewish writing was mainly printed onto scrolls and parchment. But the largest give away is the best way that the books are sealed. With the rings protecting and binding them. Christians were they only people to start out this custom.

Drogue stones have been a feature of historical ships, and have been the ancient equivalent of a storm anchor. They have been discovered in the Nile and elsewhere in the Mediterranean area, and just like the stones discovered by Wyatt, they are heavy and flat with a hole for connecting a line at one finish. Their objective was to create drag in the water or along shallow sandy bottoms: the stone was connected to one end of a boat, and the drag produced would cause the bow or stern to face into the wind and the oncoming wind-blown waves. Several anchor stones had been discovered surrounding the positioning of the ark-shape.

Sesuai dengan tugas proyek yang diberikan oleh pengajar maupun pilihan sendiri, pelajar akan memperoleh dan membaca kerangka proyek, lalu berupaya mencari sumber yang dapat membantu. Dengan berdasar pada referensi alamat web yang berisi materi relevan, pelajar dengan cepat dan langsung mendapatkan materi yang berkualitas yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan proyek. Lalu pelajar berupaya berpikir dengan kemampuannya berdasar pada pengalaman yang dimiliki, membuat pemetaan topik, dan mengembangkan gagasannya dalam menentukan sub topik suatu proyek.