Bobcats As Pets (7)

Scores of unique animals, including lions, tigers, bears and monkeys, have been launched by their owner just before he killed himself in Zanesville, Ohio, this past week. Host Scott Simon talks with retired Ohio Police Officer Tim Harrison about how Ohio has develop into a magnet for people maintaining unique pets.

No one cares about conservation enough to make free-roaming pet cats and TnR applications unlawful, so so far as I’m involved, case closed. Conservation is only an issue when the invasive species aren’t cuddly traditional pets, and I’m deathly tired of the ‘argument’ that some unique pets are released or have escaped into the wild when we now have actions to guard feral animals that harm the ecosystem like wild horses.

Another incident occurred that to at the present time, I don’t know what the cause was. My genet mysteriously had patches of fur lacking from his arms and what appeared to be little scrapes that seemed infected (they didn’t look like self-inflicted and have not re-occurred as of 2016). I found this very concerning and thought about the prospects; discomfort from a skin condition that resulted in an attempt to alleviate it via chewing/self-mutilation, psychological discontent, or a nutritional deficiency that might even have led to one of many other conditions.

Probably ferret meals would have been good for our skunk; the pet food we fed her was missing in skunk vitamins. She would eat bugs if she could catch them, however that was a giant if. I’m unsure how skunks ever eat in the wild, because skunks are quick-sighted, not that quick, and ours didn’t know a lot about looking. One summer season we had a complete lot of grasshoppers, and Mom didn’t see a motive to pay for skunk meals after we had so much of it hopping round within the yard. But our skunk not often caught a grasshopper on her own. So my brother and I caught the grasshoppers and held them in entrance of her nostril whereas she ate them alive. We weren’t enthusiastic about that.

Getting again to the ‘backyard’ tiger evaluation, to responsibly and ethically take care of an animal like a tiger, it is clear that one must have sufficient space and funds to build the sturdy and specialised caging that meets the wants of the animal, makes the opportunity of escape as small as doable, and prevents easy accessibility from intruders into the enclosure, whether they be human or animal.