Exotic Animal Attacks On Humans Statistics

Exotic PetsWell you are on the right place, so get able to know some mysterious and extremely awkward looking creatures from our blue planet that may be stored as cool pets.

This African primate might be better identified by its other identify ‘bush child’. They are nocturnal animals that have the disagreeable behavior of rubbing their fingers with their very own urine. Being primates, they are unlawful in most states. Those that have managed to escape (which is extra possible than someone dumping them) have either been discovered, captured, or don’t sustain themselves lengthy sufficient to breed and die off shortly after as a result of environmental hazards, corresponding to the great North American cold fronts.

Hello, Anteaters have been my favorite animal as long as I can remember. I actually have actually been enthusiastic about studying every thing I can about them, because I eventually wish to own my own … Read more

Human Animal Bond

Animal PlanetDiscovery Consumer Products has tapped Masterpieces to increase its current Animal Planet puzzle line with two new video games.

African myths and tales additionally do capture the existence of mermaids again in historical past. These tales have been handed time and again to generations and although no details are provided, i consider these creature had been in existence and only received extinct on account of environmental modifications. We have seen totally different creatures that had been reported to be extinct coming again to life e.g some varieties of fish. Who is aware of may be mermaids lives amongst us. Voted up, interesting and shared.

They then go on to explain the Aquatic Ape concept. According to the Aquatic Ape Theory states that approximately 6-7 million years ago, our ape ancestors have been trapped in a semi-aquatic environment. This forced them to search for food within the water and turn out … Read more

Ten Most Toxic Animals Of Our Planet!

Animal PlanetTime and time again, nature reveals us that reality could be stranger than fiction. Here are 25 of the most wondrous and outlandish animals to walk on, crawl over, swim by means of, and soar above this planet.

The straight-faced Mermaids specials (trailer below) principally play like Alien Autopsy for a brand new technology, although no less than the infamous Fox special had Fact or Fiction?” as a nudge-nudge subtitle. Both Animal Planet specials purportedly present video of mermaids in the Greenland Sea, with actors enjoying scientists ( credits ). The specials additionally darkly suggest there’s authorities cover-up of mermaid proof, full with a spin-off web site that says it has been seized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

The goal is to maneuver from being perceived by viewers as paternalistic, preachy, and observation-primarily based to being seen as lively, entertaining and edgy. That … Read more