Cats are too small to kill a human by force aside from human babies, although there aren’t any reported cat-associated deaths involving infants in recent U.S. history. Domesticated cats are additionally the subjects of various folklore, together with the old wives tale that they will suck the breath from an toddler, which might lead some people to believe that they’re dangerous with babies.

Professional matchmaker and robust expertise, Celinda Ingram, needs a bodyguard and a date to her sister’s wedding. Security specialist (and Ghost Hunter) Davis Oakes matches the bill. After all, he needs to maintain a watch out for the suspicious, historic, ruby red object that Celinda purchased as a toy for her mud bunny. I’d prefer to carry up one other level. At times I’ve mentioned the concept (pardon my lack of sources and prolonged use of parentheses) that one measure of a species’s intelligence may be how properly it survives over very long intervals of time.

I don’t know what you are speaking about as I do not comply with your radical spiritual beliefs. Nor do I assume I even have any respect on your needs of harm towards me over some captive animals. So actually, keep ranting like an idiot and see what impact you may end up making on my beliefs. We recently visited a quick meals place and received our meal to go. Included was a cup holder product of some kind of compressed paper. My ladies minimize a door-formed hole, and positioned it, upside down, in our rat cage. The rats have actually liked having an extra space to hide in!

Interesting ideas, watergeek. I agree we have to see serious proof to simply accept such an outlandish idea. However, in itself Aquatic Ape Theory is fascinating to ponder in regard to human evolution. Thanks in your comment! Scally’s post deserves further remark. No doubt ‘Scally’ is an abbreviation of ‘Scallywag’. Check it out within the Dictionary and you’ll see what I mean. He/she is simply stirring the pot looking for a response. And right here it is! I believe that Meg nonetheless exists right this moment. I simply don’t desire the gov’t to cover it. If we do find it I consider it will likely be round 60 feet like individuals have estimated.

I do not know, S. Jones, that sounds like a tricky theory. A million + years is a very long time for an animal to be in a coma. And I don’t imagine there are any circumstances of any species of shark surviving in any type of torpor or hibernation for even brief periods of time. Excellent data, it is attention-grabbing to learn extra concerning the different types of canine foods accessible. An extraordinarily curiosity and wellowritten lens! I actually enjoyed this one. Great picture of the polar bear family. Looks like numerous livingrooms on Sunday afternoons throughout soccer season. My evaluation of the hit anti-Seaworld documentary Blackfish, and some thoughts about zoos and captivity on the whole.