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Pintu is a great title i ranjithkumar! Hey man my guess is possibly the Indian flap-shell turtle, Asiatic softshell turtle or the Chinese softshell. These are solely guesses, particularly if the turtle is from Indo-China area. They are omnivores, and so will eat virtually something, contemporary fruits and vegetables are good, along with some meat, they eat stay fish from what I hear. If he has three claws on each foot he might be a flap-shell that is especially rare, be additional cautious whether it is CITES protected. Find out how rare it is, if it ought to be bred, how it needs to be stored…do some extra analysis!

Every morning at the exact same hour, we heard a piercing refrain of whistles and screeching. Jose was hungry, and he was not a patient waiter. I thought that was the coolest factor ever. How many pets name for his or her supper? The whistles were so annoying that it was very efficient in getting his meal, NOW! Mom and Dad bought sick of it after awhile. Cleaning the cage acquired to be an actual chore. He continually flicked the sawdust out of the cage so we needed to clean the entire blamed area. Thus, another fond farewell to a pet.

Megan, I have learn that rats dwell three years usually, however I actually have had MANY dwell to be 5. 🙂 I am sorry to hear about the lack of leg use. Leg paralysis shouldn’t be unusual among rats, however I even have never dealt with it personally. I do know that they do regulate to it as a rule and simply want meals and water on the bottom stage of the cage. I would seek the advice of a vet. They can prescribe steroids which sometimes helps.

We LOVE our Ribbit!! We have had him now for 8.5 years and he/she (don’t really know) has greater than tripled in size. He has it made, last year we moved him into a 35 gallon tank and he loves it! He eats anything!!! Other frogs, moths, worms, crickets, fish, grasshoppers and sinking shrimp pellets (these seem to be his favorite from the shop). Ribbit is the primary attraction for any new children that come over to visit. They seemed to just be amazed at him. He likes to return to the surfact and nibble on my finger and he has started letting me pet him. We just love him!!!