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My bunny died yesterday and it hurts so much! She was full of life and playful the day before yesterday, yesterday I observed she was not feeling effectively and did not want to eat anything. We went to the vet where they made all kinds of checks, x-ray, echograph, blood take a look at and could not find any situation… it out of the blue began bleeding and while they were preparing for an emergency surgical procedure it began seizure, they tried giving it oxygen and serving to its heart nevertheless it died. I miss it a lot! Rest in peace Fluffy!

A bunny weight loss program is very important and new meals all the time needs to get introduced slowly. The right weight loss program should have eighty% hay (oaten hay is the most effective) 15% greens (any green vegetables except iceberg lettuce. Avoid greens that makes you gassy…it will create gas with your bun too). Twice a day…1 cup per bun. 5% treats and pellets. Many individuals give pellets as most important consumption…absolutely dangerous food plan as this may trigger weight problems, sloppy cecals (evening poos) and if blended with different seeds…dental problems. If you aren’t certain about what to feed your bun…be happy to ask.

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Thank you a lot for your quick response – your recommendation was actually helpful. We have now had Spirit for 10 days. He is chirping a bit extra and will let me contact him on the belly. He has even perched on my finger. However, he is still not enjoying with any toys. He is eating and he appears healthy. I will proceed to speak to him and softly touch him. Thanks once more for your help!!!