It’s been several days since I posted however I’ve just been busy. Hunter turned 14 on June 30th however we had his get together last Saturday, June 25th since Richard was off work. Hunter had a great time and it simply breaks my heart that my baby is rising up.

Hi sgbrown. Several years ago, a few of my outdoor mates did the quick Silver Creek hike, in California’s Northern Sierra Foothills. When the path petered out they sat down and ate lunch. The wind was blowing towards the individuals, and the noise of the working water drowned out any of their noises. An older gentleman in the group noticed a cougar. He stood up and said: Look, there’s a mountain lion! Then the massive cat ran away. So much for the king of the jungle.

Once I was foolhardy sufficient to child-sit for a small Bengal cattery. I introduced the cats to my home and allow them to run round one room. They consisted of two tomcats who needed to be separated from each other (as they did not grow up collectively and you understand how tomcats normally are!) 4 adult females and two six month previous kittens. These were cattery raised cats that didn’t know the comforts of a house and you may inform. They had been wild! I might as nicely introduced in a troupe of rabid badgers.

It is commonly the case that individuals view animals like tigers and jaguars as dangerous as a result of they are ‘wild’. It is very important to think about that domestication has little to do with why a cat has never killed an individual. Size is by far the most important issue that causes such incidences. If domesticated cats had the same measurement and musculature as lions and tigers, they’d be extraordinarily harmful pets. This, and solely this is what makes tigers dangerous—most tame massive cats will not assault their homeowners for many of their life, but there are those one or two fatal ‘exceptions’ that may happen at any time.

One must have an open mind to the professionals and cons of the big image putting apart opinions of right and improper and realizing they are often arbitrary. As for exotic pet trade, whether it is accomplished in a responsible way and encourages preservation of wildlife (for example by breeding unique pets domestically fairly than exploiting threatened populations in the wild), then one needs to contemplate that such ideas if properly executed can have advantage.