I am appalled by the mistreatment of animals used on ‘Call of the Wildman’. No true wildlife professional would deliberately subject wild animals to excessive stress, yet that’s exactly what occurs on every episode of this show. The only message that ‘Call of the Wildman’ sends is that it’s acceptable to dangerously and unnecessarily torment wild animals. Animal Planet must stop passing off animal abuse as entertainment. I urge you to tug all current airings of ‘Call of the Wildman’ and cancel plans for additional manufacturing of this present.

I know for a incontrovertible fact that Bigfoot is real. I’ve seen Bigfoot several occasions at monster truck rallies. He’s a big Ford truck and can smash junk yard vehicles. The data is nicely organized into bins next to coloured photos of the animal. Each entry includes the animal’s size, habitat, and meals followed by a brief description of the animal. Thanks Christopher, I know what you mean, the animals I included are fairly dangerous, however the humble mosquito really kills more people a year than the remaining mixed. I suppose sitting in a chair till the end of my days is an efficient plan.

I liked most of your hub, but only a few issues. No UV-B gentle? From my understanding, all turtles want quantities of sunlight for health. Bologna is okay once in a great whereas, like a treat, but I wouldn’t make a consistent eating regimen out of that. Live bugs are great, and vegetables! Bread… once more, a deal with. The jagged back makes it sound to some like an especially large crocodile, or even a new species of crocodile.

Wildlife S..S. (the only Dancing Bear Rescue and Sanctuaries in India) has been rescuing and rehabilitating these bears since 2002. Hi Mary, I loved studying your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed this hub and I sit up for you visiting once more. Your mini Schnauzer, Baby sounds adorable. InCharacter Playful Pony includes a Lined zippered Jumpsuit and Hood with mane muzzle, nostrils and ears plus slip-on booties. Machine washable.

It is, certainly, infuriating! I actually have other hubs during which I’ve written concerning the outrageous expenses and unethical practices of all the things from insurance coverage to engery, and guess what? Those articles are full of ads FOR the very things AGAINST WHICH I am writing! This may be very attention-grabbing. I like listening to about what may be attainable, but I suppose unlikely. It was also fascinating that just about no person voted that this totally couldn’t be true. Of course, the people studying this article are probably more seemingly so think these sightings to be potential. Thanks for sharing!