Birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, snakes and ferrets are all delivered to Pender Vet Exotic Animal Hospital to receive the very best in unique veterinary companies and care from our specifically educated exotics veterinarians and technicians. Founded in 1999 as a division of Pender Veterinary Centre, Pender Exotics and its array of unique veterinary providers have grown with the growing popularity of exotic pets. Your reptiles, birds, small mammals, or fish may be a bit more unique and strange than your neighbors’ cats and canines, and we have a whole staff dedicated to giving them the best customary of unique veterinary care!

I actually have visited the zoo a number of times and principally would observe Lucy standing in her reasonably small and boring enclosure, however on my final visit we saw her walking around. This was the primary time I even have ever seen this however apparently she goes for each day walks. The handlers told me that they kind of allowed her to go on her personal. They did say that in the winter they’ve a spot the place they’ll stop so she can take a break and warm up but didn’t say she hated the chilly. Her massive dimension would assist her stay warm, but I am undecided if they put a blanket on her again within the winter or not.

Wallabies are widespread amongst exotic mammal keepers and are simpler to care for than tree kangaroos. Typical species which are kept are Bennett’s wallabies and the smaller Dama wallabies. These animals nonetheless aren’t indoor pets, they must have an out of doors run to exercise in and a local weather-controlled enclosure to retreat to. When young, they demand lots of consideration, and the proprietor ought to carry them in a makeshift pouch if they’re to be raised alone. This is certainly not a pet for somebody who simply wants a pet and not specifically a wallaby.

Well James Cox, there are smaller exotic cats like bobcats, servals, and caracals. Bobcats are the ‘easiest’, and I’ve simply written a hub about that. All of those animals require an immense lifelong commitment. I don’t assume you can find snow leopards anyplace. Best place would be zoo surplus if that ever occurred and if they were unscrupulous enough to promote to personal people. Leopard species are known to be essentially the most dangerous big cats. I do imagine that the majority states require permits; you seem to be in Florida so I assume that is a ‘class 1 permit’ for tigers/leopards and class 2 for smaller unique cats. Not sure if bobcats are unlawful considering that they’re native.

This is a very informative and helpful hub. I suppose a number of times folks purchase unique pets for one reason or one other and actually don’t take into consideration what it takes to look after them. When I was younger I volunteered at a facility that took in exotic pets that people could not care for. They were typically abused or abandoned, usually ravenous or afraid of people. Working there was dangerous and I actually have been bitten but a wide range of different species. Luckily the institution did shield the animals and staff by getting correct vaccinations.