Here, I’ll share with you the tragic story of the Dancing Bears of India and the uplifting story of their ongoing rescue. As you read their story, you might wince and need to cease, however please read on. There IS hope for these mistreated Sloth Bears.

The takeaway message of this publish is to never consider a news story’s declare about some thrilling exotic animal sighting (or an animal rights group’s claim that evil unique animal homeowners are setting them free) till there’s absolute proof and affirmation of it. Here is another story of a false cougar sighting in Lyden, Washington, 2012.

I had a fantastic comment from a user referred to as alexdjq, which sadly I needed to deny as a result of they included a hyperlink. As a matter after all, I never allow feedback from individuals who drop links. However, regardless of a condescending tone, this comment was about the most effective I’ve gotten refuting the proof of Megalodon.

I hope you’re both proper CoyoteRed and Matt Gross that the pretend documentary will help in folks turning into aware of the Naval sonar weapons. Though I would worry it may backfire in the fact that if the documentary is pretend, then individuals may also think that the concern concerning the dangers of the Naval sonar weapons to dolphins and whales is perhaps fake as properly.

The feedback in a few of the videos are actually disappointing. Do cat lovers really anticipate dog owners to just stand there and watch their dog get attacked and probably injured? Many of the comments condemned the people who kicked the cats away too. Who in their right mind would bend down and threat injury to their face and arms in an try and grab the aggressive cat? If the scenario is reversed and a dog assaults a cat the crazy cat lovers wish hurt upon the dog and its owner. There isn’t any reasoning with them.