We have a whopping 20,000 animals on the zoo from 500 completely different species, together with among the most unique and endangered in the world.

Speaking of birds, have you ever heard of Alex the parrot? He was an African Grey parrot trained and noticed in studies by animal cognition scientist, Irene Pepperburg. He was able to count, perceive simple questions, and differentiate objects by shape and measurement. The indisputable fact that he was in a position to understand questions in a language invented by one other species exhibits that parrots can do more than simply mimic words. Here is a video of Alex together with his trainer: ?v=VZ2j1jOwAYU Quite the brainy chook.

The indisputable fact that cats are domesticated and extensively saved as pets often misleads individuals into considering they do not have the instincts related to so-known as wild animals. All cats are products of their setting, and if a cat shouldn’t be socialized with humans, it is going to develop into simply as ‘wild’ as what they’ve descended from (and, vice versa, many wild cats might be tamed when human-socialized, though to different extents).

Very good hub Bk4, animal hoarding can also be a big downside right here in Australia. There have been a lot of people charged recently for cruelty to animals. One lady stored over a hundred poodles they usually had by no means been clipped or bathed so their fur was matted into dreadlocks and filthy. Most are banned from having animals once more after being charged. Puppy farms are also a problem, as a result of there may be so much money to be constructed from the sale. Some folks breed so many that they cannot provide ample care, and sell on the Internet so individuals never visit their kennel. It is tough to stamp this out.

Dolphins are well-known for his or her strong sex drives and, er, inventive technique of satisfying them. Of the apes, the bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees, the closest genetic family of people) are also complete nymphos. Male elephants, like most animals that spend time in bachelor groups, get loads of gay exercise of their youth, but I have not heard much in regards to the females.