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Animal PlanetIt reeled within the network’s greatest audience in its 17-yr historical past and caused an immediate Twitter frenzy that’s nonetheless trending at present.

It has usually been suggested that mermaids were actually the marine mammals generally known as Dugongs and Manatees or Sea Cows. These creatures are considerably just like seals however uglier and it’s exhausting to imagine that such an animal might ever be mistaken for a wonderful girl from the ocean however that is the thought put ahead. It is claimed that sailors at sea, deprived of real women, could have seen these creatures and their minds played tips on them and converted the marine animal into a human girl however with the tail of a fish.

When wading, an ape is pressured to stand upright, so evolution would favor apes who are better able to do that, as they’re extra capable of stand upright within the water, gathering meals, for a longer time. If an ape turns into used to standing upright in the water, they could also start to do the identical on land, where they find this has an advantage.

Dugongs are in a family of animals recognized to scientists because the Sirenia, and Sirens are additionally legendary girls who were mentioned to lure sailors to their doom. They are written about in Greek mythology and had been mentioned to entice foolish mariners with their singing and enchanting music. The sailors lured by the Sirens would shipwreck their boats by crashing into rocks they saw and heard these femme fatales singing from.

When they acquired the stays again to the lab, they rapidly realised it was a new species. After intensive testing performed by many different specialists, they found that the creature’s hip bones have been much like people proving this creature as soon as walked on two legs. Next they found fingers. The cranium was reconstructed and it showed a ridge similar to these present in Apes and our earlier ancestors. They additionally discovered a hand crafted sphere with a stingray’s spine used for the sharp finish.