When you think of extinct animals, maybe the dinosaurs come to mind or possibly these of more moderen times like the dodo hen or the passenger pigeon. The final dinosaurs vanished 65 million years ago on the end of the cretaceous period and the last dodo died around 300 years ago. In between this time lived a whole lot of strange and attention-grabbing animals. In truth, some of the largest mammals, fish and birds the world has ever seen lived and died during this age. Some of the animals of this time may seem familiar, others incredibly weird. One factor is for certain, these animals are each bit as intriguing as the dinosaurs.

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Imagine that: all of the canine, horses, rabbits, and folks you see at this time got here from that fuzzy grey animal! The first mammals were Marsupials, like koalas and kangaroos, who carry a tiny child around of their pouch until it’s totally developed. This was as a result of the early mammals’ hips have been too small to offer start to a completely developed child.

When child fish are hatched, it is the daddy fish that tends to them. Some father fish, like the small mouth black bass takes care of his infants before they’re even born! He stands guard over the opening that the mother fish lays them in. He pushes the mom fish away so that he can guard all of it by himself! He fans the eggs together with his tail. That keeps the water recent across the eggs and helps them to hatch.

I at all times assume to myself that if an harmless canine faces loss of life in a few hours’ time because he or she is deserted in a kill shelter, I don’t really care whether it is a vegan, a vegetarian or a meat-eater who rescues the dog and saves his life. I know people who find themselves not vegetarian who have dogs which reside great lives and are much-beloved. I’m not bothered what this person has for his or her dinner as long as they get themselves all the way down to the shelter, pull the dog and stop him from being needlessly killed.