We encourage all citizens to acknowledge and report animal abuse. According to the Washington State anti-cruelty legal guidelines, all animals ought to have meals, water, and shelter and be shielded from abuse. You ought to call your local police division or (when you live in an unincorporated area of your county) call your County Animal Control to report animal abuse. If an emergency is in progress, name 911. If not, name the non-emergency number on your area.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever come across an octopus in real life. But to suffice it say that they are already terrifying enough. All those long tentacles sticking out the again of them and the fact that they’re nothing like anything you’d discover on land. Oh, and not to point out the truth that during certain soccer tournaments they appear to have psychic powers.

The SPCA and plenty of other animal shelters and welfare businesses encourage people to maintain all domesticated animals indoors during cold weather. Farm animals, though they could appear big and hearty, ought to be saved in indoor spaces such as chicken coops, barns and stables. All cattle ought to have entry to a type of shelter that protects them from wind, rain, snow and extreme dampness. Shelters must be nicely ventilated, insulated and constructed off the bottom to avoid dampness from creeping in.

When it was discovered by Europeans 200 years in the past, the platypus confused scientists. With its beaver tail, duck beak, ft of an otter and hair masking the physique, it was considered so unusual that at first many stated it was a fraud, not a real animal. Endemic to Australia, the platypus is certainly one of only two identified mammals that lay eggs (the other being the echidna). It has nocturnal habits. The males have toxic spurs on their hind toes.

On May 19, environment ministry officers met representatives of these websites to debate on-line wildlife commerce. During the assembly, the officers requested them to assist the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, if needed. The ministry can be working with cyber crime specialists to watch any posts providing to trade in rare animals or their body parts, Dave mentioned.