The franchise kicks off at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, April 26, with the special Life After: Chernobyl, taking a look at fallout from the nuclear catastrophe 30 years later. The doc features biologist Rob Nelson and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota, the primary scientists to have been granted unlimited entry to all areas surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, as they examine how the environment and wildlife have been affected.

Wow, I had no clue that geese had the identical downside at Easter as rabbits. It’s horrible that individuals purchase animals for kids after which abandon them when they don’t seem to be what they anticipate. Not a great lesson to show your kids or lying to them about what happened to their cute little present. Thanks for shedding gentle on this big problem. Well done!

People born in the 12 months of the Rabbit often lead a conservative lifestyle where one of the vital important things is their security. This quality has a adverse facet additionally: opting for security over risk, they may miss good opportunities. These people are not frivolous or irresponsible, for when they actually imagine in one thing, they are serious, persevering and capable.

Please observe: I am not a Mambo or provoke of any religion within the African Dispora. As always, please contact me in case you are the unique artist and want credit and a hyperlink, or an image eliminated. A lot of the art used here is extraordinarily common, so it’s anyone’s guess who did it except the true artist steps ahead. Watermarks and copyrights are left on used art.

Rusa Kutub (Rangifer tarandus) atau reindeer, yang juga dikenal sebagai caribou di Amerika Utara, adalah spesies rusa asli Arktik dan daerah Subarktik. Ini mencakup baik populasi yang menetap maupun populasi yang bermigrasi. Reindeer bervariasi dalam warna dan ukuran. Kedua jenis kelamin tumbuh tanduk, meskipun biasanya yang jantan lebih besar. Namun, ada beberapa populasi di mana reindeer betina tidak memiliki tanduk sepenuhnya. Rusa kutub ini terkenal dalam cerita rakyat karena kereta Santa Claus ditarik oleh rusa kutub ini yang menjadi elemen populer pada Hari Natal yang dirayakan umat Kristiani.