Find Strange, Exotic Pets, Fun to Have for the Family Home, and Safe for the Kids! If you are on the lookout for a new pet and are allergic to cats or canines possibly afraid of both one otherwise you simply need something different and new to expertise, here are a number of options for you. A easy introduction to a number of popular family pets that are removed from extraordinary, nevertheless absolutely amazing creatures.

It must be noted that many of the animals listed are hardly ever, or by no means saved as ‘pets’. A few examples could be rhinos, elephants (outdoors of circuses), komodo dragons and hippopotamuses. The list consists of many highly superior ‘pets’ that should by no means be kept by the everyday particular person (however, the few exceptions to this rule ought to be granted the chance to state their state of affairs and privately own a ‘restricted species’ with out being a zoo or so-referred to as sanctuary).

Eunice Esquivel, fifty two, was killed by an escaped leopard at the Oak Hill Center for Rare and Endangered Species in Oklahoma City. She was visiting her son who worked there and had gone to feed the animals, which she reportedly had completed before. In my research, escaped animals are typically extra lethal if the sufferer is within the direct vicinity of its enclosure. This is probably due to territorial instincts.

Also, simply because an animal is natural state doesn’t mean that it could actually survive outdoors either. When most exotic pets are human-imprinted, or hand-raised, they don’t have the abilities to survive in the wild. Setting them free could be akin to tossing a human couch potato into the jungles of Borneo. Most freed or escaped unique pets die, even if the local weather is to their liking.

This is a really dangerous hobby..exotic animals. It additionally shifts our eco system when these animals get out or are launched into the wild. Florida has many snakes that don’t belong in Florida..method over one hundred,000, which had been let go or escaped during hurricane Andrew then reproduced. These snakes are consuming all the opposite animals and it will have far reaching changes, not simply on/in Florida, but the world.