Tucked away just walking distance from the lodge, lies the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Here it is possible for you to to experience a wealthy variety of the superb wildlife Costa Rica has to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit group and every person who steps by means of our doors is helping rescue, feed, give essential veterinary care, and a lot more.

though it ought to be noted that a zoo was once on this spot many, many, a few years in the past and it’s assumed that these unusual animals (which have included Wolverine, monkeys, lemurs, wild boar, big tropical turtles, birds native to the Amazon rain forest, and of course Etiole himself – -aliens -) had been once on show within the zoo and let out within the Sixties when the zoo shut down, So we expect that’s how the coati ended up in our yard all these years in the past.

This is just the start of what we hope can be a world class wildlife rescue center and educational expertise. Open your mind and heart to the importance of teaching not only ourselves however our youngsters about conservation and the way we can reside in concord whereas preserving the pure habitat of those exotic animals! Enjoy and we hope to see you right here!

After a mountain lion pounced on a child in his Colorado yard last weekend, officials captured and killed two lions, saying it it’s their policy to kill wild animals which will have been involved in an assault on people. Last week, after an alligator dragged a toddler into a lagoon in Orlando, wildlife authorities trapped and killed no less than six of the reptiles. Leaving them at vacationer-crammed Disney World actually would not make sense, and Florida says it usually does not relocate nuisance alligators” — large ones believed to pose a menace” to folks, pets or property — as a result of there are so many that killing people would not have an effect on the species’ inhabitants.

So you can see we’ve got a serious environmental disaster on our fingers. The amount of habitat misplaced for a few of these endangered species is unprecedented. This article describes the top five animals on the endangered species record and the way we may help. The point of this article is to create consciousness for these animals who can’t help themselves. I will even replace the stated checklist usually as reviews permit. If a species is deemed extinct or its standing has been lifted, I will transfer it to a special part in the article.