Hygienic Arowana Fish Food

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Hygienic Arowana Fish Food
Not only humans, fish also make food a staple for their lives. In addition to growth, food also plays an important role for the formation of arowana fish color. We should not carelessly choose arowana fish food. Even though any type of arowana is a fish eater, we need to pay attention to every content that is owned by the food and what the food benefits for our fish. Not only feeding, because if carelessly can cause unhealthy fish and the condition of the aquarium is dirty quickly.

Asian arowana fish are the most demanded species. Fish whose habitat is in the Asian freshwater region has a striking distinctive color. but the price is still expensive when compared to other types of freshwater ornamental fish. The charm and trust of some people that this fish can bring hockey may be one of the factors why these fish are much interested.

If you want your fish to grow well and its health is always maintained, here are tips from us how to choose the right type of arowana fish food as needed. These foods don’t contaminate your tank too much when compared to other types of fish food. We also do not forget to say that the growth of this fish will also affect the quality of the color of the fish, especially for arowana fish seeds. According to the data we got almost 80{35c827cbe26b79242d8e2f910021ba0bcb9c19ffeeafe1612053acf37d4c8898} of the color factor influenced by the parent. So choose the following arowana foods:

  • Crickets

    Cricket is a favorite food of arowana fish. Crickets are rich in sources of protein, vitamins and minerals that are good for the growth of arowana fish. For arowana fish food, make sure you buy crickets from farmers only and try not to look for the cricket yourself. This is to keep wild crickets contaminated with pesticides because of their wild life. You also don’t need to keep too many crickets in your house, because hd crickets are very short (usually only 40 to 49 days).

The next tip is you can feed carrots on crickets before the cricket becomes a meal of arowana fish. Carrots contain carotene which acts as vitamin A and will later give an orange or red color to the arowana if the cricket has been eaten. You also don’t need to cut the legs of the cricket, leave it intact because arowana really likes all parts of the crickets.

  • Shrimp

    As with crickets, shrimp is an arowana fish food that has many benefits. Shrimp is also highly recommended as a small arowana staple food. So that the aquarium is not dirty because of the remaining shrimp, there should be giving shrimp to the arowana little by little but routine. This is so that arowana does not fail to focus on one shrimp, but many shrimp that in the end the shrimp are not spent by making the aquarium a little dirty. Fresh shrimp is better, but frozen shrimp can also be used as arowana food.


  • Maggots

    Maybe you are a bit disgusted with maggots, but Arowana really likes it. You are strongly advised to feed arowana in the form of dried maggots compared to wet maggots. This is because dry maggots are more active and still have a high protein content, while wet maggots are usually dead and reduced in protein content.

You can also mix maggots with vegetables, carrots and some vitamins that have been processed before being given to arowana. The ingredient mixture is arowana fish food which is rich in protein and helps the growth of arowana.

  • Frogs

    In their natural habitat, arowana makes small frogs as food that they can eat when they are hungry. The ability to jump makes it easier for arowana to invade small frogs who like to swim.. The parasite if left unchecked can make our Arowana infected with the disease.

  • Cockroaches

    One type of animal that is most hated, especially by women. Unfortunately arowana fish likes it so if you want to get big fast arowana fish, use cockroaches. Cockroaches that are used should be cockroaches from farmers not wild cockroaches. This is to avoid insecticide contamination that endangers our Arowana.


  • Small fish

    Small fish or commonly called feeder fish are also suitable for arowana fish food. This fish has a lot of protein which is good for the development of our fish. These small fish also include food ingredients that are easy to get, either looking alone or to small fish farmers.