Here at The Ark Animal Hospital , we’re proud to serve clients throughout Atlanta and the encompassing areas who have a wide variety of exotic pets. With a handy location in Midtown and 24/7 emergency providers, we’ve got earned a superb repute over the years. We understand that unique pets require special care, and we are prepared to provide it.

Remove the word ‘canine’ and put in ‘exotic cat’. All the same criteria applies, with presumably the exception of neutering and licensing (massive cats must be registered with their potential states). Exotic cats may be correctly maintained in spacious enclosures of, sure, the backyards of personal owners. It can, has, and is being finished for conservation, private pleasure and educational causes, but many of the finest caretakers usually turn themselves into ‘sanctuaries’ with the intention to keep away from falling victim to exotic animal bans.

If you’ve got acquired your personal nature reserve, and you’ve got loads of money, time and help to handle your exotic pets – I don’t have an issue with you. We’ve all seen and heard of horror tales of animals being rescued from places like that; but I’m positive that your reserve could be advantageous. With the snakes, it was MORE THAN ONE pet proprietor releasing them into the wild. And yeah, someone talked about above about having the ability to stroll down the road with their big cat on a leash because they need to get to do what they need with them – no manner!

The cat’s searching intuition is also seen as a ‘wild’ trait but the stunning truth is that most domesticated animals, like cows, horses, and goats, are herbivores and also forge for their very own food, just as a wild horse, goat or cow (auroch) would. Chickens are omnivores and actively seek out insects in addition to their grain. Their hunting intuition is just as robust as a cat’s.

The Snow Macaque is considered a threatened species as we proceed to encroach on more and more of the animal’s habitat. Due to this fact, coveted licenses and special permits are mandated to own this very uncommon animal. The Snow Macaque is a smaller primate with a lifespan of over 25 years with the distinguishing characteristic of a hairless purple face.