If you’re on the lookout for the NPC’s that are pleasant to both factions and sell vanity companion pets to each Alliance and Horde, this is your guide to finding them. I will inform you exactly where to search out these NPC’s.

My husband & I actually have 5 adult male rats, Smelly, who’s the ‘granddaddy of them all’ & Stinky, Pongy, Badger & Scrat & they’re all so beautiful! We keep the 3 doors of their cage open & they have the run of our flat except the lavatory. Smelly sometimes gets into bed with us! We’ve had other prior to now who’ve died & it leaves us in tears when that happens!

Raise your right hand if in case you have a garlic crusher rusting in your kitchen drawer. You used it twice, realised you’d get more garlic with less effort by combing the cat and lobbed the crusher into the drawer the place you retain all those keys, instruction booklets for stuff you no longer own and a photo of a relative whose title nobody remembers.

You could also be questioning how anyone might name cats the worst pets ever when there are over eighty million cats saved as pets in the United States alone. Surely cats should be nice because of the large inflow of their reputation in American homes. But the reality of the matter is that cats are terrible and would sooner watch you drown within the bathtub than please you by correctly using the litter box.

I am a non-profit ferret shelter and I make items for ferrets, however not too long ago numerous rat owners have been purchasing merchandise from me. They have been asking for specific gadgets and I even have been searching for the perfect items for their pets. I found your web site and I love your products, your lovely rats and their stories! Thank you a lot for sharing, because of you there shall be so many extra completely happy rats on this planet. I can’t wait to modify my ferret gadgets to accommodate the great world of rats!