People everywhere in the country are abusing there pets and getting away with it or going to court and getting a high quality or minimal jail time. It sickens me to observe the shows on Animal Planet had been persons are Beating, Starving and even killing there pets and getting away with it and getting hardly any jail time. A whereas again I noticed one on there that Starved three cats to demise, Only to go earlier than the decide and get a three months in jail and a high quality. So I can kill my cat and get less jail time/high-quality then if I download an illegal movie or if i make an improper pass? It brings a tear to my eye to look at that shows and actually see what sort of punishment these guys get.

Humans existed earlier than agriculture and metropolis dwelling (civilization) had been around, and they had been basically the identical as us of their fundamental mental and physical abilities. They just lived totally different life. Mainstream opinion is that our ancestors from about 200 thousand years in the past (or before) till about solely 10 thousand years ago were residing in nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers. They appeared pretty much the same as we do now, but they were dwelling lifestyles extra just like the opposite Great Apes.

Rainforest, meanwhile, revolves around the efforts of skilled wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James, whose love of animals takes him to remote destinations. Wanting to preserve part of a delicate ecosystem that’s being destroyed, Hamilton buys one hundred acres of the Amazon rainforest sight unseen and now must cope with the illegal loggers, miners and cattle ranchers whose livelihood is ravaging the forest as he places his personal life in danger.

Hi again Jones, the information in this article has been collected from unique pet owners and zoo literature that I personal. It has been viewed and authorized by some real life tiger owners. The foremost goal of this article is to show individuals how tiger ownership may be completed privately. Most people are shocked to hear that tigers are saved as ‘pets’. They image an individual holding it of their lounge or walking it down the street threatening public safety. I suppose I’ve efficiently shown that this does not must be the case, that an individual could be successful with tiger care identical to a zoo can.

Hi Jay. Thanks for the type words. The answers to your questions aren’t easy. Obviously if a whale carcass have been discovered with a 7-inch tooth lodged in it that might finish things right there. But the speculation is if Megalodon does nonetheless exist it is in very small numbers, which have probably been stable for thousands of years, and it is habits is probably not the identical as its ancestors.