New York City is eclectic, noisy, and culturally various. It can also be crowded, missing in greenery exterior of its parks, and the scent of pollution haunts the air in the streets.

Foxes are authorized in more states, and some states could enable the onerous-to-discover Russian domesticated fox. Fennec foxes are common exotic mammal pets which might be authorized in New York (the definition of wild animal particularly excludes them). Fennec foxes pose zero threat to public safety and ought to be legal in almost all states without query.

Sadly Monkey World’s Jim Cronin died in March 2007, aged 56, having devoted much of his life to saving primates and educating people as to why primates want protection and don’t make good pets. Please assist make certain he didn’t do this in useless, and unfold the word that buying any monkey as a pet is a very unhealthy choice to make.

In one latest horrific incident in California, wildlife officers raided the house of a non-public breeder to find 90 tiger carcasses, together with large cats that had been tied to automobile bumpers and starved cubs in a freezer.” In May 2004, officials seized dozens of massive cats, together with lions, tigers, and leopards, who were malnourished, underweight, and customarily in poor situation. When The Fund for Animals took over care for these animals, the daily expense was $500, clearly well past the capabilities of most unique pet owners. Seema Mehta, After Ordeal, New Sanctuary Sure to Get the Aye of the Tigers , Los Angeles Times , June eleven, 2004, at B6.

We have noticed you one way or the other obtained a photograph of our nonprofit conservation heart (by the way in which, this is NOT a cheetah enclosure). LEO Zoological Conservation Center DOES NOT condone wild animals as pets, in reality, we educate towards that every day. The thought of promoting cheetahs as pets is just not only repulsive however utterly irresponsible. As somebody who loves wildlife, we would assume you would wish to share our philosophy of selling good environmental stewardship. Please take our photo down.