There were a TON of other animals. Snakes, lemurs, bush babies, bugs, the checklist goes on. And it was all very, very expensive. four or 5 Gs for most big snakes. No teacup pigs though.

The Cayuga feminine (the black duck on the best) was an actual sweetie. Very affectionate and loved folks. It was laborious to not like her. She was discovered useless seven months after this photograph was taken, proper in the midst of breeding season. Breeding season is tough on female geese because males can gang up on them and by chance crush or drown them. When I last saw her, she seemed OK, however typically young geese have issues laying eggs and can die abruptly. Also, she was crested and males tugging on her head feathers can elicit seizures.

Sloths cannot walk on land, however they will swim nicely. They are primarily nocturnal. In the wild, they are primarily folivores, additionally consuming berries, flowers, twigs, and a few animal protein. The weight of two-toed sloths is roughly 12-19 pounds, relying on the state in their defecation cycle, as their poop can account for as much as 40% of their body weight. Sloths have evolved to do almost the whole lot upside down.

One of the main ways that a naturopath and mainstream vets differ is the advice of a uncooked weight-reduction plan for our carnivores. Traditional vets are largely in opposition to feeding anything but kibble and canned foods. This is because they have been taught in vet school that this is the one way a dog or cat can get a completely balanced weight loss plan.

Having an growing exposure to exotic pet patients for a number of months has been an enlightening expertise. I even have an appreciation for the sweetness and variety of animals out there and generally enjoy seeing them in the exam room. Unfortunately we see far too many animals in extraordinarily poor situation leading to very frustrating and unhappy appointments. That is why I am writing this text. My hope is to spread some awareness among the public as to what it takes to properly look after an exotic animal. Does it really make sense to keep these animals as pets? Read on and decide for yourself.