It’s time that individuals begin discussing the subject of ‘unique pets’ without the everyday misconceptions gleaned from varied movies, rescue ‘sanctuaries’, and the general perspective that features momentum by misinformation and baseless worry. With more attention being introduced upon the subject by TV exhibits resembling Animal Planet’s Fatal Attractions and the new Discovery Channel present Wild Animal Repo (all of which include the expected sensationalistic ways), the public continues to stay confused why anyone would ever want to indulge in such a ‘dangerous’ way of life.

Prairie dogs stand bipedally like meerkats, reside an identical lifestyle in the wild, and aren’t prone to aggressive attacks towards strangers in captivity. The animals are even stated to have a particular language. They also don’t require deep sand packing containers to satisfy digging urges and are far more adaptable to a extra typical pet-maintaining state of affairs. Like the jerboa, their imports are restricted due to the African rodent embargo, however there are sufficient captive animals to maintain the American pet trade. Prairie dog infants are solely born within the spring.

Thank you very a lot for the remark and the votes, Lucky Cats! I too have very mixed emotions about conserving fennec foxes as pets. It’s good that they are bred for the pet market as an alternative of being caught within the wild, and they definitely have some very interesting traits, but their instincts are still these of a wild animal. I have no experience proudly owning a fennec fox, nevertheless it seems to me that it would require a really devoted particular person to keep a fennec fox truly completely happy in captivity.

Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus (Orinoco Sailfin Catfish )- Most introduced populations are believed to be the results of pet release or aquaculture escape. Potential ecological results embody alteration of bank construction and erosion, disruption of aquatic meals chains, competition with native species, mortality of endangered shore birds, modifications in aquatic plant communities, and damage to fishing gear and business. Established in Florida and Hawaii.

Yeah, I guess when somebody trots out a particular case like that I see it as such. Hopefully others noticed it as a warning as to the potential difficulties of animal possession. Not everyone needs a unique animal as not everyone seems to be capable of caring for one, or themselves. The drawback is after they assume others are as incompetent as they are and attempt to strip the rights of others as is simply too usually the case.