What to Do When Your Pet Dies

From the moment that we first bring them home, pets make a big impact on our lives. We become used to their presence and develop an affectionate bond with them. None of us wants to think about the day when our pets are taken from us, yet we all know that their deaths are inevitable. Many of us don’t pay any attention to what we plan to do when that day finally arrives and this uncertainty only adds to the stress of losing a part of our family.

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Whether you want to give your pet a funeral or burial is entirely up to you and there are a number of options open to you depending on your individual circumstances and budget, as well as the circumstances of your pets passing.


Dogs are unique amongst other types of pets in the nature and strength of the bond …

Why Custom Bobbleheads Are the Perfect Way to Memorialize a Lost Pet

If you’ve suffered the loss of a pet, you know a particular type of grief that not everyone necessarily appreciates. It can be difficult explaining your feelings to your friends who’ve never had pets or who don’t care about animals the same way you do. If your journey at this time isn’t something you want to share openly, you may be interested in a unique way to eulogize your beloved pet. A custom bobblehead doll might just be the thing for you, and here’s why.

They’re Sweet

Animal bobblehead dolls are impossibly cute and will absolutely evoke the sense of “aww” you felt every time your pet looked at you in that innocent way only animals can. Plus, they’re something you playfully pat on the head every once in a while, and that’s not really something you can do with a picture. If you’re too old for stuffed animals (or …