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I have a gsp and in last 5days its stomach has gotten quite large. I consider she could also be pregnant or with eggs but undecided. It has been principally staying inside a darkish gap in a skull statue bur will come out to eat occasionaly butnot as lively. The 2nd gsp we now have in identical tank and it appears to be regular other than his colors have been changing much more he also appears to be circling different gsp.

Ribbit my puffer fish keeps puffing out like its fidding to die the people at wal mart first instructed me it could possibly be fungis or parisites within the water so we purchased the stuff for that then they said that Ribbit wanted spring water not faucet water and yet again tonite she puffed out and I do not know what I’m doing rong and I don’t need to kill my fish what do I have to do.

The cage should be large enough to offer a humane residing space. Beebz lives in a cage that is 4 ft tall, four feet extensive, and three feet deep. I would not suggest something a lot smaller than that for an grownup squirrel. This offers her house to climb and jump. There must also be a nesting place. For Beebz, we hung a canvas buying bag by the straps from the highest bars of the cage. We have also offered loads of nesting materials: old socks and t-shirts are good. We gave her a stuffed animal that she took the stuffing out of to offer extra nesting materials. Her cage is in the living room, the place she will get loads of consideration, next to a window.

I give mine snails and freeze dries blood worms however his teeth keep growing. Would ghost shrimp help? When he eats snails he only bites it when the snail is out of his shell. He does not use his enamel to chunk the shell. I have vegetation and even small fish but he would not chunk them anymore. He’s accepted the small fish as part of the aquarium and I have not seen any new chew marks on the vegetation.